Copen RemedyPro / RemedyPrinter

Your digital energetic pocket pharmacy with over 60 000 test and therapy frequencies.

The Copen RemedyPro simulates homeopathics, nosodes and various energetic preparations. It can be used as a digital test kit for kinesiological testing, RAC or Biotensor and it can also transmit energetic therapy frequencies in any potency.

Copen RemedyPro / RemedyPrinter

The system consists of the following components:

RemedyPro Software

The convenient and intuitive software that runs on any off-the-shelf iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The RemedyPro app can be easily installed and used directly after purchase.

The purchase includes personal installation help and instruction in operation, as well as 3 months of content and technical support. We provide these services for you conveniently via remote maintenance (Zoom/Teamviewer).


The RemedyPrinter, which connects to your iOS device through an integrated cable.


RemedyPrinter diameter 6 cm
Height 1cm
Cable length: approx.
90 cm
Weight: 42g

The RemedyPro system works according to the energetic principles of QuantumResponse® technology: the system thus works with the information fields of substances.

Upon input, the information patterns of a substance placed on the RemedyPrinter are recorded and stored.

The recorded frequency can be modulated and, if necessary, its homeopathic potency can be changed.

The information patterns of existing medications, test kits, etc. can be potentized as desired, which opens up completely new possibilities, especially in detoxification therapy.

During output, the information patterns, which are already stored in the database, are imprinted on any suitable carrier material (empty globules, memory cards, etc.).

The RemedyPro software works with Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is compatible with Apple iOS 12 or higher. An iPad is recommended for better viewing. The software is available in English, German, Spanish and can be used on up to three iOS devices with the purchase of one license.

To run the RemedyPro software, the following requirements must be met:

Copen RemedyPro

Minimum requirements:

Operating system

Apple iOS 12 or higher (iOS15 recommended)

Connection socket

Headphone connector (jack socket) for the RemedyPrinter or alternatively a jack-lightning adapter (Apple) or a jack-USB-C adapter (please order as well when ordering the RemedyPro software)

Please note that a stable internet connection is required exclusively for installation and configuration. You can download the software directly from the App Store (Apple).

Other technical requirements:

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