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Create analyses quickly, easily and on the spot!

With the Copen QuantumMaster QScan, you can create energetic analyses quickly and easily while keeping an eye on costs.

Copen QuantumMaster QScan, you can create energetic analyses quickly and easily while keeping an eye on costs With the same proven Quantum Response Technology® as we use in the Copen MARS III or Qbit, the QuantumMaster enables you to create clear reports on various topics. Get started in the world of energetic analyses with a manageable investment and pay per report created. Based on a hair sample from the client, the various available reports provide you with information on the energetic status of your client in the areas of food intolerance, sport and fitness, subtle anatomy, nutrition and vitamins etc.

The system consists of 2 components

QuantumMaster Software

The QuantumMaster software is our first software for macOS and runs on any Apple Macintosh PC or laptop, whether with Intel or the new M chips. The QuantumMaster software can be easily downloaded and installed from the Apple Appstore.

The purchase includes personal installation assistance and instruction in operation, as well as 3 months of content and technical support. We provide these services for you conveniently via remote maintenance tools such as zoom or Teamviewer.

QScan Scanner Hardware

The QScan scanner hardware is simply connected to the computer via USB and requires no additional power supply.

Dimensions QScan scanner hardware:

(L x W x H) approx. 18 x 9 x 4 cm
Weight: approx. 280 g


Illuminated cup with translucent coil structure, LED progress indicator and button to start the scanning process in the QuantumMaster software.

With the Copen Quantum Master QScan, we are also introducing a new business model. Compared to our Scope Q or MARS III, you start with a relatively modest investment for the device and continue to pay only for each analysis performed. Create clear reports in pdf format on the following topics from the analysis data:

Our systems work according to quantum and information medicine principles.

Quantum medicine basically looks at every biological system on 3 levels: On the material, the energetic and the information level.

Methode ScopeQ

The so-called morphogenetic fields or control fields according to Dr R. Sheldrake, which form the information level, are relevant for our technology. According to our understanding, these morphogenetic fields control essential control functions in the organism – if these control functions are disturbed or blocked, the system becomes unbalanced. The normally harmonious processes no longer function or no longer function correctly. As a result, symptoms can arise. As a result, symptoms can arise.

Using quantum effects, the Copen QuantumMaster QScan scans these control fields of a biological system (human, animal or plant) and uses the resonance phenomenon to determine where imbalances are located in the energy system of the respective biological system. We use elements from the same database as in the “big siblings” Copen Scope Q/Qbit and Copen Scope/MARS III.

The analyses produced with the Copen Quantum Master QScan are therefore not comparable with conventional serum diagnostics. The statements made relate to the energetic level of the patient. However, this information can be a helpful addition to the biochemical analysis of a serum diagnosis.

Hair is an ideal tissue for sampling and testing. It can be taken easily and painlessly by the client at home without the need for a healthcare professional. The sample can also be sent to the user of the Copen Quantum Master QScan, for example, without any special handling requirements.

The system is easy to use and quick to learn, making it very easy to delegate the creation of reports. In addition to the classic medical or naturopathic practice, it is ideal for use in fitness centres, Nutritionist practices, wellness and beauty centres, etc.

It only takes a few minutes to create a report, from scanning the patient sample to the ready-to-print PDF.

The Copen QuantumMaster QScan software requires an Apple Mac computer with macOS operating system. The software is available in German, English and Spanish.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore. Please note that a stable internet connection is required for installation and configuration. Apple In-app purchases must be made to create reports. A free Apple ID is required both to download the app and to purchase the reports. The system requires an internet connection to operate.

A computer must fulfil the following requirements to run the QuantumMaster software:

Copen QuantumMaster

Minimum requirements:


Operating system

from macOS12

ab macOS14


min. Intel i5

M2 processor

RAM memory

min. 1,5 GB

min. 8 GB

Hard disc

min. 250 MB free

min. 256 GB

Screen resolution

min. 1440 x 900 pixels

1920 x 1080 pixels

USB connection

At least 1 free USB 2.0 port for the control unit

At least 1 free USB 2.0 port for the control unit


Keyboard, mouse

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